WoW Level Up

WoW Level Up Guide to Reach Level 80

The following tips in playing the World of Warcraft will be a great read for those aiming to reach level 80 quickly. Consider these pointers as WOW LEVEL UP 101 basic course that every wow player should master.

·        Upon entering one area, learn from the npc's quests available for you. Here, you won’t do quests one at a time but do as many quests that you can simultaneously.

·        Group quest is far better than going solo. A group of 3 or more is good. Sometimes, a quest calls to kill for a big number of enemies, however, put in mind that you can always leave a group when you find them irritating.

·        Once you reach level 10, start playing in multi-zones. Get out of your comfort zone and start doing the more challenging quests and get exp for all your kills. Doing loads of quests add great experience.

·        Abandon a quest if you are spending too much time wandering and looking. There is no point in consuming 3 to 4 hours just running around. There are thousands of quests in the game for you to WOW LEVEL UP.

·        Do you think you’re strong enough to ignore the green’s? Think again. Killing the green’s will make a big difference in your experience. Spending at least 2 hours annihilating those green enemies will boost your level.


 Before deciding on a profession, think of your priorities or what you aim for: power, wealth or both? Take professions that do not stop you from your goal.


To sum it up, the fastest way to WOW LEVEL UP and amass wealth is to take many quests as you can and follow the basic rules of the game. Accelerate. Play WOW LEVEL UP now!



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